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Caroling Snowmen Donuts

Caroling Snowmen Donuts

Knock, knock! There's snowmen carolers at your door! These no-bake creations are a great addition to any wintry get together. Simply build your snowman with Little Debbie® Powdered Mini Donuts and decorate to your heart's delight! Using festive candy and delicious snacks, everyone will delight in creating these simple treats.

Makes 4-6 Servings

1 Bag Little Debbie Powdered Mini Donuts
Pretzel Sticks
Red & Green Gumdrops
Red & Green Sour Candy Strips
Orange Oblong Chewy Candies
Mini Chocolate Chips
Candy Eyes
Peppermint Candies
Spearmint Candies
Cookie Decorating Icing

Wooden Skewers
Food Scissors


  1. Using a wooden skewer, build up your snowman with Powdered Mini Donuts.
  2. Wrap your snowman caroler with a candy scarf. You can trim the edges with food scissors to create a more realistic effect.
  3. Using pretzels and candy, decorate your snowman, using cookie icing to help adhere candy to the donuts. Use the image as a guide.
  4. Enjoy your carolers!

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