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Christmas Snow Globes

Christmas Snow Globes

A fun and edible treat for snowy days, Little Debbie Christmas Snow Globes are a great way to keep little hands busy and tummies happy. Using festive candies, decorate your snow globe as a gift or to enjoy while watching the flurries fall. Following our easy directions, use a variety of Christmas goodies for adorable edible crafts. Make a whole collection with the family tonight!

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes
Little Debbie Christmas Tree Brownies
Little Debbie Snowflake Brownies
Shredded Coconut
Mini Marshmallows
A Variety of Red & Green Candies (Gumdrops, Chocolate Candies, Peppermints, etc.)

Small Glass Jars & Lids
Festive Ribbon


  1. Decorate your lid with ribbon before beginning your creation.
  2. Place a small amount of frosting on the lid or bottom of jar to help keep cake or brownie in place.
  3. Surround cake or brownie with shredded coconut, and sprinkle with candies of choice.
  4. Place the jar carefully over your creation and screw into lid, or top off your globe with decorated lid.
  5. Admire your creation and enjoy!

Creation Tips:
Try using festive stickers or bows to decorate your jar!

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