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Mini Unicorn Cakes

Mini Unicorn Cakes

This super adorable Unicorn Mini Cake is so fun and easy to make! Using Little Debbie Unicorn Cakes your kiddos will love creating these sweet treats into magical little unicorns.

Makes 5 Servings

Little Debbie Unicorn Cakes
Mini Marshmallows
Pink Sugar Sprinkles
White Fondant
Gold Food Coloring Mist
White Melted Candy Coating or Frosting
Gold Star Sprinkles Optional
Pink, Blue and Purple Butter Cream Frosting

Black Food Writer
1M, 18 Wilton Piping Tips


  1. Cut one third of the cake stick off for the head.
  2. Stack the head onto the rest of the cake – having about 1/2 of the head hanging over the edge.
  3. Attach the head and body together using white melted candy coating or frosting.
  4. Using the #1M and #18 piping tips, pipe on the Unicorn’s mane. Add a pink flower – if desired. Add a unicorn eye using the black edible marker.
  5. Pipe the unicorn tail on the back of the body using purple, pink and blue buttercream frosting.
  6. Color the bottom of four mini marshmallows with the black edible marker.
  7. Attach the mini marshmallow legs to the bottom of the Unicorn body using white melted candy melts.
  8. Roll out fondant into two small sausage shapes and taper one end.
  9. Pinch the ends together, and wind the fondant rolls around each other.
  10. Let fondant dry completely and spray fondant horn with gold food coloring mist.
  11. Cut a mini marshmallow in half diagonally and dip cut end into pink sprinkles.
  12. Attach the ear, horn and gold starts to the unicorn cake.
  13. Enjoy your sweet Mini Unicorn Cake!

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