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Easy Unicorn Cakes

Easy Unicorn Cakes

These sparkling strawberry unicorn cakes are so easy to make because they are no bake! Using Little Debbie Unicorn Cakes, these sweet treats can be a fun activity for your unicorn party.

Makes 8 Servings

Little Debbie Unicorn Cakes
White Fondant
Gold Food Coloring Mist
Pink, Blue, Purple, White and Black Buttercream Frosting
Edible Gold Glitter Dust

Wilton Piping Tips #1M #5 & #18
Food-Safe Paint Brush


  1. Cut the Little Debbie Unicorn Cake in half.
  2. Attach the two halves – one on top of each other using the white buttercream frosting.
  3. Pipe flowers on the top half of the unicorn cake with the pink, purple and blue buttercream frosting using tips #1M, #18.
  4. Roll out fondant into two small sausage shapes and taper one end.
  5. Next, pinch tapered ends together, and wind the fondant rolls around each other.
  6. Spray fondant horn with gold food coloring mist.
  7. Make small tear drop shapes with the white fondant for the ears. Then, with a food safe brush, dust the edible gold glitter dust in the middle of the ears.
  8. Place the horn and ears on top of the unicorn cake and secure with buttercream frosting.
  9. Pipe on unicorn eyes using black buttercream and the #5 piping tip.
  10. Enjoy!

Creation Tips:
Mix up the colors of the flowers and decorations using different frostings! Adding fun sprinkles will help each kid make their own unique unicorn!

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