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Groovy Donuts

Groovy Donuts

Try a taste of the 60s! In August of 1960, the Little Debbie® brand was born, making its way into hearts and homes. These Groovy Donuts are topped with fun flower sprinkles and colorful sugar crystals to create a look that’s really far out.

Makes 5-8 Servings

1 Bag Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Mini Donuts
Sugar Crystal Sprinkles (Colors of Choice)
Flower Shape Sprinkles
Milk or Water

Plastic Stencils


  1. Fill a small bowl with milk or water.
  2. Dip the top of the donut into the liquid and place on an easy cleanup surface, dry side down.
  3. Using a stencil, sprinkle colored crystals of choice on the wet side of the donut.
  4. Repeat with half of the donuts. Be creative! Use different colors and patterns to make these donuts your own creation.
  5. Using flower sprinkles, press each piece down into second half of the donuts.
  6. Mix and match! Make your own flower, rainbow spectacular and enjoy!

Creation Tips:
Try this creation with any Little Debbie Mini Donut flavor. Celebrate your favorite ball team, a birthday, or any colorful event!

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