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Friendly Owl Marshmallow Pie Pops

Friendly Owl Marshmallow Pie Pops

In need of a cute, fun treat for a cookie exchange or classroom party? Look no further than using Little Debbie Marshmallow Pie Pops! Ideal for fall parties or spring gatherings, everyone will enjoy these no-bake pops! Using only a few ingredients like Marshmallow Pies, vanilla frosting, chocolate candies and vanilla sandwich cookies you can make these hoot-tacular treats in an instant! Try Friendly Owl Marshmallow Pie Pops for any year-round occasion!

Makes 16 Servings

1 Carton Little Debbie Chocolate-Flavored Marshmallow Pies
1 Carton Little Debbie Banana-Flavored Marshmallow Pies
1 16-oz. Tub Vanilla Frosting
1 Bag Mini Chocolate Coated Candies
1 Package (or 16 total) Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
1 Package (or 32 total) Mini Vanilla Sandwich Cookies

16 Colorful Cake Pop Sticks
Construction Paper, cut into wing shapes


  1. Unwrap each marshmallow pie, and begin to skewer with cake pop sticks.
  2. Separate 16 chocolate sandwich cookies, removing the layer of creme between each and setting the creme aside.
  3. Separate 32 mini vanilla sandwich cookies. Cut 16 of those cookies in half to make the owls' eyebrows as shown in photo.
  4. Using vanilla frosting, add a dollop to each chocolate cookie and place onto marshmallow pie where the eyes should go.
  5. Frost the back the halved vanilla cookies, and place on the marshmallow pie for the owls' eyebrows.
  6. Begin to frost the back of each remaining vanilla cookie and place in the middle of the chocolate cookie as shown in the photo.
  7. Take the saved creme from the vanilla sandwich cookies, and use as whites of the owls' eyes. Top each with mini chocolate candies for pupils.
  8. Using the orange mini chocolate candies, cut in half for beaks and place on the owl with frosting.
  9. Add feathers to the owl with vanilla frosting as shown in the photo.
  10. Cut wing shapes out of construction paper, and frost onto the back of each owl.
  11. Enjoy immediately before they fly away!

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