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Blueberry Mini Muffins Ice Cream Sandwiches

Blueberry Mini Muffins Ice Cream Sandwiches

Summertime just got cooler with Little Debbie Blueberry Mini Muffins Ice Cream Sandwiches! Using our delicious Blueberry Mini Muffins and peach ice cream, these fun sandwiches are the perfect afternoon treat. Everyone in your family will enjoy these after a long day or a fun weekend activity. Try this easy recipe for something fun and new!

Makes 258 Servings

1 Carton Little Debbie® Blueberry Mini Muffins
1 Carton Peach Ice Cream


  1. Unwrap the mini muffin packages, and slice each muffin in half.
  2. Using a small ice cream scoop, gently place a small scoop of ice cream on the bottom half of each muffin.
  3. Add the top to each muffin.
  4. Serve immediately or place in freezer for up to an hour.
  5. Enjoy as a cool treat!

Creation Tips:
Switch up your ice cream flavors by using vanilla or strawberry ice cream! You can even substitute Little Debbie Mini Brownies in place of Blueberry Mini Muffins. *Serving size can be adjusted depending on how many mini muffins you are using in a single carton.

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