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Zebra® Cakes

Zebra® Cakes

Yellow cake with creme filling, covered in white icing, and decorated with fudge stripes.

Remember when you used to beg mom to buy Little Debbie® Zebra Cakes? Something about the fluffy yellow cake, the irresistible creme filling and the smooth mix of white icing and fudge stripes bring back those childhood memories. So, take a nostalgia break! Whether you are waiting to pick up your kids in the carpool lane or sneaking a snack after bedtime, take the time to enjoy this classic treat. And when your kids ask for Zebra Cakes, remember how it used to make you feel to bite into that soft, delicious sweetness and create a moment together! And, did you notice of zainy Zain the Zebra has gone missing? We heard he's out on an adventure looking for something new and tasty. Hop over to his desk to see if you can follow the clues and find out what he could be looking for! Follow his adventure here!

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