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7 Practical Homework Tips for the Busy Mom and Dad

July 29th, 2019
The new school year is here, and with it comes homework! Love it or leave it, homework is a part of your child’s daily routine. As their minds are growing and learning more information, homework builds the foundation for a variety of life skills.

But, we know what you are thinking - sometimes it is not fun, and it might even be difficult for you to understand as you start to help them on their assignments. While we cannot help solve your math problems or make flashcards for an upcoming spelling test, we can offer a few helpful tips that will help ease the stress.

Our list is compiled from real moms who work at the Little Debbie bakery. Who better to help! Check out their tips below that they use for their own children!


Using the phrase, “once you do this, we’ll do this” is always a handy thing to have in your back pocket. Your incentive for them? Their favorite Little Debbie® snack! Maybe it’s Zebra® Cakes, Mini Donuts, or Mini Muffins. Keep it close by and when they are finished, let them take a bite!


Before distractions, before TV or a video game, have an after-school routine set for homework first. While they are still in “school mode” set up their homework station and let them get to work. While you prepare dinner, they can study away and then play their favorite video game afterwards.


Creating flashcards is a great way to establish healthy memory habits. Practice in the car, at the grocery store or for a few minutes after dinner. Flashcards are portable, functional and fun!


Using a rolling cart, you can easily create a homework station that stays in their room and can be rolled to any part of the house. On it, have pencils, markers, notecards, paper, and whatever else to help them get the job done. Having their materials organized creates less stress for them and allows them be more productive. It might even make them look forward to studying for science!


Let’s face it, after a full day at school, their energy is built up and ready to be released! For every ten minutes of work give them five minutes to wiggle around! You can even set a timer on your phone to make it easier. Letting them “get their wiggles” out lets them be silly and you a little less stressed.


Yes, helping them is important but, maybe you are a blogger, a student yourself, or have emails to catch up on. Set some time where both of you can work together on your own projects. Then once you are done, do something fun together - like a dance party!


Applying math concepts in real life like cooking in the kitchen or picking up toys, allows them to see the practical side of their studies. You can also weave spelling words into conversation, and then ask them to spell it back to you. Easy, simple and effective! 

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