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Happy Camper Arrow Treats

July 17th, 2017

Little Debbie's Happy Camper Cakes are so versatile and the perfect shape to recreate a popular camping/summer camp activity! My family LOVES archery and as I was indulging in one of these tasty Little Debbie Happy Camper Cakes (chocolate of course), I thought to myself "these look exactly like the tip of an arrow". Off to the kitchen I go, determined to build a snack that is representative of our favorite outdoor sport, archery.

These fun and creative treats are made of 3 simple, easy to find ingredients. My girls loved assembling their arrows and using their favorite colored fruit leather. My Happy Camper Arrow Treats are great for outdoor parties, camping themed birthdays, or any gathering celebrating the great outdoors.

Happy Camper Arrow Treats


  • 1 box of Little Debbie Happy Camper Cakes (this will yield 5 arrows)
  • 5 pretzel rods
  • 3-4 fruit leather squares


  • Remove wrappers from all off the Little Debbie Happy Camper Cakes
  • Place each of the Happy Camper Cake on the top of a pretzel rod. Push down gently until about half way into the tree cake.
  • Using clean scissors, cut the fruit leather into a pointy, oblong shape (like a football). Cut small slits up each of the sides, but be sure to leave a little room in the center so the "feather" doesn't rip apart.
  • Place 2 "feathers" on the opposite end of the Happy Camper Cake by slightly wrapping it around the pretzel rod. The fruit leather will stick!


Posted by Juliana Evans | Topic: Ambassadors

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