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Celebrating the grad in your life is easy with Little Debbie® treats! Check out a few of our favorite ways to show the well-deserving people in your life how much they mean to you. 

swiss cake roll diplomas creation


Little Debbie Swiss Rolls make sweet, edible diplomas! Take a box of Swiss Rolls, unwrap and place gently on a serving platter. Using pull apart licorice candy, create bows like shown in the photo. Dot the middle of the bow with frosting and attach a small chocolate-covered candy. Match to your grad’s school colors or get creative with it! Don’t forget to make them party ready with the free printable!

mini brownie caps creation

Mini brownie caps

Little Debbie Mini Brownies make the perfect base for edible graduation caps! Place each brownie upside down and top with a square of chocolate. Dot the middle of the chocolate square with frosting and attach a small piece of pull apart licorice candy. Then add the final touch with a chocolate-covered candy. Match the Swiss Roll Diploma colors, your grad’s school colors or mix and match. Plus, don’t forget to download the free table tent printables to make them grad party ready!

one smart cookie creations

one smart cookie

Your grad is One Smart Cookie and everyone needs to celebrate that! Simply download our free printable here and tape to your choice of Little Debbie individually wrapped cookies. Whether your grad prefers the best-in-class Oatmeal Creme Pies, or the A+ Fudge Rounds, these are easy treats that are great for a party or for a gift to the graduate in your life. 

Ready to celebrate the yummiest day of all? Of course you are! We put together 3.14 of our favorite ways to enjoy all of the delicious goodness that Pi[e] Day brings. 

Little Debbie® Caramel Apple Pies


Grab a box of Little Debbie® Apple Fruit Pies, caramel syrup and vanilla ice cream because it’s time to dig in! Our Caramel-Drizzled Apple Pie Recipe Creation is simply delicious! It’s quick, easy and no-bake, plus everyone is sure to enjoy. With the nostalgic taste of apple pie combined with a twist on a classic, you can’t go wrong enjoying this treat.

Little Debbie® Chocolate Cherry Pies


If Apple Fruit Pies aren’t your thing, have no fear – Little Debbie Cherry Fruit Pies are just as delicious and delightful! Plus, we created a special Recipe Creation that will curb any chocolate craving. Our Chocolate Cherry Pies are decadent without the hassle. Just grab a bottle of chocolate shell syrup, fresh cherries and box of Cherry Fruit Pies! It’s like a chocolate-dipped cherry but better.
little debbie apple pies with a fork


Have no time to recreate one of our recipes? Just enjoy your favorite Little Debbie Fruit Pie flavor plain! There’s no shame in taking a slice of the pie the old-fashioned way. If you are looking to shake things up a bit with our yummy pies, try heating them in the microwave, without the wrapper, for 8 seconds. The warm, gooey goodness is irresistible! 

woman feeding a man a little debbie fruit pi on a dock


Share a pie with a friend! Just like all Little Debbie snacks, they are better when shared with a loved one. So, Unwrap a Smile® today because Pi[e] Day is here to stay!


Did you know our scrumptious Apple and Cherry Fruit Pies are available to purchase online? Click on the images below!
Little Debbie® Apple Pies
Little Debbie® Cherry Pies

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