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Celebrating Independence Day is an American tradition loved by all. Between the loud booms of the dazzling fireworks to family cookouts with hamburgers, hotdogs and BBQ, it seems like everyone pulls out their best red, white and blue outfit and dives into the delicious fun. Families all around the Little Debbie bakery this time of year start talking about their family traditions, too, and it’s always a fun time hearing how each person celebrates. 

In true American-fashion, no cookout or summer party is complete without an array of sweets. If there is one thing for certain, it’s everyone loves a good treat that makes the summer more memorable. We made these adorable American flags in less than 20 minutes using simple, no-bake ingredients. Everyone is going to love giving these flags a try!

You need just a few supplies and ingredients to get you started. Buy a carton of Fancy Cakes, delicious vanilla cake with scrumptious vanilla creme sandwiched in between each layer. You will love Fancy Cakes on their own, but they are especially good in this recipe creation. Next up, you will need two colors of cookie icing – red and blue. Buy nonpareils sprinkles in white and then red, white and blue straws in assorted patterns. Now let’s get started making!

First, unwrap each Little Debbie® Fancy Cake and place on wax paper. Next, take your straws and cut in half. Take each straw half and insert halfway into the cake on the left side. Next, take the blue cookie icing and in the left corner of the cake, make a small square and fill in. The cookie icing stays pretty well without running over the cake, so no need to worry about excessive icing dripping! Next, take the red cookie icing and make squiggly lines across the cake. Next, use a few white sprinkles for stars on the blue. Continue those steps until each cake is done, and voila! You’ve got a whole parade of cute, delicious flags.

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Red, White and Fancy Cakes Recipe Creation  |  Makes 10 Servings

Ingredients & Supplies

  • 1 Carton Little Debbie Fancy Cakes
  • 1 7 oz. Package Red Cookie Icing
  • 1 7 oz. Package Blue Cookie Icing
  • White Nonpareils Sprinkles
  • Wax Paper
  • Red, White and Blue Assorted Paper Straws


1.     Unwrap each Fancy Cake and place on wax paper

2.     Cut 5 straws in half, making 10 halves

3.     Insert each straw halfway into the cake on the left side

4.     Using the blue cookie icing, make a small filled-in square in the left corner

5.     Using the red cookie icing, make squiggly lines across the cake

6.     Take a few white sprinkles and put on the blue square for the stars

7.     Repeat steps three through 6 for each cake

8.     Serve immediately

Creative Tip

If not serving immediately, place cakes in the freezer so the icing doesn’t melt!

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