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October 27th, 2015

Celebrate the return of your favorite fall products

There’s nothing like the cool, crisp air and tasty treats that the autumn brings each year. From Pumpkin Spice Rolls to Fall Party Cakes, our seasonal products are on shelves now, bringing you a taste of all the fall flavors you love. Looking for a little “snackspiration” to get you in the spirit? Host an evening full of friends and fall treats! Follow these simple instructions to create a festive centerpiece that works double-duty as a sweet party favor station. 

Festive Fall Centerpiece

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 carton Brownie Pumpkins 

1 carton Bat Brownies

1 carton Fall Party Cakes – Vanilla

12 wooden skewers 

21 cake pop sticks

Fall basket

Floral foam block

Basket filler (paper or straw)

Ribbon for bows (optional) 


1. Place floral foam block in basket. Cover foam with basket filler. 

2. Unwrap all snacks. 

3. Skewer brownies with wooden skewers. Place cake pop sticks over skewers.

4. Skewer party cakes with cake pop sticks (Do not require wooden skewers to support).

5. Tie bows around each cake pop stick (optional).

6. Stick snacks into floral foam.

7. Set out at your next fall get-together.

Makes 21 Servings

Coming Soon: The Peanuts Movie

As if new fall flavors weren’t enough reason to celebrate the season, Little Debbie is proud to present The Peanuts Movie in theaters Nov. 6! See all your favorite Peanuts characters together again – on the big screen and in 3-D! Mark Nov. 6 on your calendar and be on the lookout for special Peanuts-themed boxes of Little Debbie products on shelves now. For more details, check out

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Celebrate the things you love about spring with a little help from Little Debbie. Whether it’s garden delights, a magical bunny, a lucky leprechaun or an action-packed tournament that brings your spring calendar to life, we’ve got you covered. These DIY creations are fun, festive and easy to pull together in just minutes!

Spring Cakes Arrangement


Add a little sweet flair to your springtime decor with Little Debbie Kite Brownies or Butterfly Cakes. Just insert wooden skewers into the treats and add them to your arrangement. No baking required!

These featured springtime snacks are now available at a store near you.

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Easter Basket Cakes

Friends and family will love the attention to detail on these little Easter-inspired favors – and they’re so simple to make.


10 Easter Basket Cakes

1 tube green frosting

10 lengths rope candy

30 assorted jelly beans


1. Unwrap Easter Basket Cakes and place on serving tray.

2. To attach basket handles, use a toothpick to first make two small holes on the top of each cake, at opposite ends. Insert rope candy ends into the holes.

3. Decorate the cakes with lines of green frosting for grass and then top each with three jelly beans.

These featured springtime snacks are now available at a store near you.

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Hoop-It-Up Oatmeal Creme Pies

Hosting a March Madness party? Serve up this quick slam-dunk surprise.


12 Oatmeal Creme Pies
1 tube orange frosting
1 tube black frosting


1. Preheat oven to 200°.
2. Unwrap Oatmeal Creme Pies. Place on cookie sheet.
3. Draw and fill in a circle with the orange frosting on the top of each pie.
4. Place cookie sheet in oven and allow frosting to set (approximately 20 minutes or so depending on the thickness of the frosting). Watch oven to be sure cookies don’t dry out.
5. Allow cookies to cool. Outline circles with black frosting and draw lines to indicate the sections of a basketball.
6. Serve while watching your favorite team hoop-it-up!

Little Debbie fans have fallen in love with our Red Velvet Cakes, but you could only get them around Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Well, your voice has been heard.  Due to the popularity of the Red Velvet seasonal snacks, we’re now officially making Red Velvet Cakes available year-round!

We’re baking these delicious snacks now, so be on the lookout for Red Velvet Cakes on shelves near you very soon! Hearing from our fans is our favorite, so don’t forget to let us know what you think. Who knows? Your comments may even inspire our next product launch.

Happy snacking!