Galactic Snacks

Our delicious Little Debbie snacks are very down to earth and are enjoyed by millions of fans across the United States, Canada, and a few other places around the world. Yet, as many fans are aware, the Little Debbie line up of snacks include several treats that are especially stellar and out of this world! Let’s take a look at our galactic snacks that boldly take your tastebuds to a galaxy far, far away…

We begin our journey with a visiting a modern day classic: Cosmic Brownies. This treat was introduced in 1999 and delivers the deliciousness of a Little Debbie brownie with colorful, festive and tasty chocolate candy toppers. This is a core item in the Little Debbie snack line up and is available as a Family Pack, Big Pack, and as a huge Single Serve snack sold in convenience stores nationwide. Fans of all ages love this product, and it’s no wonder it plays a big part in our latest galactic snack. More on that below. 

Star Crunch, or STAR CRUNCH cosmic snacks as they are officially known, has been a favorite for many Little Debbie fans since it hit store shelves in 1970. This treat combines a soft, chewy cookie topped with caramel and crisp rice then covered in a layer of fudge. We have heard from many fans who grew up with Star Crunch and are now rediscovering this favorite childhood treat. Like Cosmic Brownies, Star Crunch is available in Family Pack, Big Pack, and Single Serve formats. 

Cloud Cakes is possibly the most heavenly of our galactic snacks! It gently floated into stores in early 2011 to bring Little Debbie fans the experience of a delicious golden sponge cake with fluffy creme filling. Not only is a Little Debbie Cloud Cake a great tasting snack, but it has also inspired countless fans to make fun creations with this delicious product from Easter decorations, movie characters, and more, not to mention our own recipe for Strawberry Shortcake Cloud Cakes. Can you say “Yum!”?

Learn to make it here: Strawberry Shortcake Cloud Cakes

And now to our newest galactic snack: Cosmic Cupcakes! This delicious treat is possibly the most unique of them all. We took our delicious and popular Chocolate Cupcakes and replaced the white icing line with the candy toppers that fans already loved on Cosmic Brownies. The result? A flavor combination so unique it must be from another planet! (but it’s really from our Family Bakery). Try one and see for yourself! Simply stunning :) This snack also has the distinction of having been sent into space, reaching an altitude of over 98,000 feet along with it’s trusty Commander Little Debbie.  

Blasts from the Past
In addition to these current day favorites we have also baked some other space-themed products that rocketed into shopping baskets in days gone by. 

Who remembers the Astro Mike brand that at one time included 10 products, such as Fudge Brownies, Oatmeal Creme Pies, Nutty Bars, Swiss Rolls, just to name a few. Astro Mike brand products could be found in stores beginning in 1975 until the brand was retired in 1990.

And who can forget Little Debbie Space Granola that was available from 1984 - 1986, complete with asteroid-blasting space ships?!

The Little Debbie Galactic Snacks are making their case as the snacks with the most fun this side of the sun! Which one is your favorite? Tell us by leaving a note on our Facebook page or send a tweet that includes @LittleDebbie.



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