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We have teamed up with six Little Debbie enthusiasts who want to share their smiles with all of us.

Introducing our NEW Little Debbie Ambassadors!

Fabian Lozano

Meet Fabian

Fabian Lozano Photography

Houston photographer, creator and father of four, Fabian incorporates his entire family into his work. In his spare time, he photographs local events and concerts and goes by the words, “Life is beautiful and I am going to capture as much of it as I can.”  In regards to the ambassadorship, Fabian says, “I am excited to say that I will be representing the Little Debbie brand as an ambassador for 2017. Little Debbie has been a big part of my life growing up, and I have so many great memories as a child eating these treats, so being able to be a part of this experience is unbelievable!”

Meet Adrian

Chic Diva Geek

Maryland mom and network control engineer, Adrian gathers inspiration from her husband and son.  Engineer by day and tech reviewer by night, she lives by the words, “Go be great, or your version of it.”  Her passion project is reviewing technology from a girl’s perspective and translating for the average person.

Meet Adrian
Meet Jon

Meet Jon

Fort Atlantic

Previous Georgian, current Oregonian, Jon is a full-time musician, recording artist and doting dad. Member of the band Fort Atlantic, he has brought his musical creativity to the Little Debbie Team. Inspired by his son and family, his motto is always to get back up.  Stay tuned for his unique spin on all things Little Debbie!  

Meet Juliana

Graciously Sweet

A wife, stay-at-home mom of four girls, recipe developer, food stylist and self-proclaimed foodie, Juliana has a full plate.  Having been in the kitchen baking and cooking since the age of three, Juliana loves fun and easy recipes that busy people and families can work into their schedules.  Tap into some of her Little Debbie inspired treats for recipes that the entire family can enjoy making together.  

Meet Juliana
Meet James

Meet James

Bus Vlogger

A believer that we take the steps to craft the life we want, James has done just that.  Deeply rooted in Arkansas, he is currently a stay-at-home dad, homesteader, educator and video blogger, bringing passion to each of those roles.  He shares his experiences with viewers through his YouTube channel and encourages everyone to come along and “get your hands dirty!”

Meet Kerri


Embarking on many new and exciting stages in her life, Kerri is a recent graduate from Taylor University and is currently planning a summertime wedding.  Having graduated with an elementary education degree, she gets her inspiration from her students, noting that she is excited to share her love of Little Debbie snacks, Cosmic® Brownies in particular, with those students and her community!

Meet Kerri

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