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Apples - Fruit with Appeal

A little something about apples:  With over 7,000 varieties, it comes as no surprise that they can be grown worldwide. That being said, we get a majority of those used in Little Debbie® snacks from Washington State’s Wenatchee Valley, the heart of the apple capital of the world.   

Wenatchee Valley is a picturesque location, resting at the base of the Central Cascade Mountains. Here the climate is ripe to produce a bounty of those varieties. The two most commonly found in pastries such as Little Debbie’s Apple Fruit Pies are Granny Smith and Golden Delicious. 

These apples, along with others, are known for their health benefits, history and lore. Starting with the biblical Adam, apples have been prominent in legend and history; for instance, William Tell’s arrow and the apple on his young son’s head, and Isaac Newton pondering the forces that made an apple fall.

Originally growing wild in Europe and the Near East, the fruit is rooted in mythology and mores. A 7th-century poem says that a person who “axes” an apple tree is in for bad luck.

Today, apples and good fortune are still intertwined, as in the belief that if the sun shines through the boughs of an apple tree on Christmas Day, the fruit will be abundant the following autumn.  Once used by the Beatles rock group for a corporate symbol, and now by today’s top tech company, apples are a universal symbol for knowledge and happiness. 

Now that this article about apples has hopefully added to your knowledge, they can also hold true to their symbolism of happiness by being an ingredient in one of summertime’s staples, apple pie.  Whether heated up and topped with ice cream or taken along on a road trip, it’s one of many great ways to enjoy all that this diverse fruit has to offer.


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