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Everest Donuts

Little Debbie® Powdered Mini Donuts are transformed into Everest, the adorable creature from Abominable, in this recipe creation. Everyone will enjoy creating this fun treat – along with Strawberry Mini Donuts topped with colorful flowers and Glazed Mini Donuts made to sparkle alongside Everest. Using just a few ingredients, you can pack this treat in your child's lunch box, make as a fun afternoon activity, or snack on during the family’s movie night. Go ahead, give it a try today! And see Abominable in theaters September 27.

Makes 36 Servings


1 Bag Little Debbie Powdered Mini Donuts
1 Bag Little Debbie Glazed Mini Donuts
1 Bag Little Debbie Strawberry Mini Donuts
1 Package of Coconut Flakes
1 7oz. Pouch White Cookie Icing
1 Container Gray Fondant
1 Black Edible Drawing Pen
1 Package Colorful Cake Flower Decorations
1 Package White and Blue Sprinkles
Variety of Colored Sugar Crystals

  1. Unpack each mini donut flavor and place onto serving tray.
  2. On each glazed mini donut, sprinkle sugar crystals to create a pattern as shown in the photo. Set aside.
  3. On each strawberry mini donut, place flower decorations randomly as shown in the photo. Set aside.
  4. Using the powdered mini donuts, place a dab of white cookie icing on each one in the middle.
  5. On top of the white icing, place a few flakes of coconut for “fur.”
  6. Using the gray fondant, roll until smooth; then cut into half-inch sized oval pieces for Everest’s face and place on top of coconut flakes.
  7. Using the picture as your guide, place the white and blue sprinkles where his eyes would go.
  8. Using the black edible drawing pen, create his nose and mouth as shown in the picture.
  9. Add two dots of white cooking icing for teeth on Everest's smile.
  10. Serve immediately!
A Tray of Everest Donuts
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