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Stay-at-Home Mom
& Social Media Personality

What inspires you?

My grandma and mom are huge baking inspirations in my career. My grandma passed away without any of us receiving her recipes and they were all in her heart and mind. I made it my goal to recreate some of the amazing desserts we all love. My mom has had me in the kitchen since I was 3. I learned my first cookie recipe from her! I have continued the tradition of baking and cooking with my girls since the age of 2. I strive to be creative, unique and make recipes that are appealing to my girls and other families on the go.

Sweet memories?

I tell everyone the baking bug entered my body when I was 9 years old. I had super long hair and after my nightly shower, my mom braided it back and we began baking chocolate chip cookies. As the large stand mixer was beating fast, I turned my head to speak to my mom and my long braid got sucked into the mixer. In a panic, my mom turned off the mixer just as it was as close to my scalp as possible. My dad wasn't home so she called the neighbor in to help. Here I am, a 9 year old, holding a ridiculously large mixer on my head and crying. It took them a good hour of detangling and I was finally released covered in cookie dough. My neighbor commented that he was upset that all of the dough was now wasted, and I was still crying because I hated the idea of having to reshower! LOL. This is when I became very passionate about baking.

Words you live by?

I'm definitely not a vegetarian, more of a dessertatarian.


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