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Cloud Cakes Easter Bunnies

Makes 10 Servings


10 Cloud Cakes
2 Tubs Vanilla Frosting 
1 Bag Flake Coconut
1 Bag Assorted Jelly Beans
20 Full Size Marshmallows
10 Mini Marshmallows
1 Bag Black Licorice Twists


1. Unwrap Cloud Cakes.
2. Cut marshmallows in half diagionally for bunny ears.
3. Cut licorice into small strips for whiskers.
4. Frost cakes with vanilla frosting.
5. Sprinkle coconut onto cakes while frosting is not set so it will stick.
6. Add jellybean eyes and noses onto cakes. Accent with licorice whiskers. Top with two marshmallow halves for ears. Finish with mini marshmallow for bunny tails.

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