Festive Fall Centerpiece

Makes 21 Servings


1 Carton Brownie Pumpkins
1 Carton Bat Brownies
1 Carton Fall Party Cakes - Vanilla
12 Wooden Skewers
21 Cake Pop Sticks
Fall Basket
Floral Foam Block
Basket Filler - Paper or Straw
(Optional) Ribbon for Bows


1. Place floral foam block in basket. Cover foam with basket filler.
2. Unwrap all snacks.
3. Skewer brownies with wooden skewers. Place cake pop sticks over skewers.
4. Skewer party cakes with cake pop sticks.
5. (Optional) Tie bows around each cake pop stick.
6. Stick snacks into floral foam.
7. Set out at your next fall get-together.

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