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Seasonal Creations

Little Debbie® snacks are fun and whismical in our seasonal creations! From adorable reindeer to create at Christmas to yummy ice cream brownie sandwiches to enjoy in the summer, you are sure to find a creation that suits you! Share with us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest using #LDRecipeCreations!

Red, White and Blue Brownie 
Ice Cream Sandwiches

Red, White and Blue Patriotic Layer Cake

Little Debbie® Spring Nutty Buddy Bunny Bait

Spring Nutty Buddy Bunny Bait

Little Debbie® Easter Basket Cakes

Easter Basket Cakes

Little Debbie® Easter Egg Brownies Chicks

Easter Egg Brownies Chicks

Little Debbie® Marshmallow Puffs® Bunnies

Easter Marshmallow Puffs® Bunnies

Star Crunch Turkeys

Oatmeal Creme Pie Foxes

Fudge Rounds Pilgrim Hats

Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter
Creme Pies

Festive Fall Centerpiece

Fudge Rounds Moose

Little Debbie® Be My Valentine Heart Arrows

Heart Arrows

Little Debbie® Be My Valentine Love Bug Brownies

Love Bug Brownies

Fancy Cakes Snowmen

Pumpkin Gingerbread Mousse

Little Debbie Winter Wonderland Trifle

Winter Wonderland Trifle

Little Debbie Christmas Truffles

Christmas Truffles

Festive Christmas Train


Gingerbread Cookie Reindeer

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