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Fudge Rounds Moose

Makes 8 Servings


8 Fudge Rounds Sandwich Cookies
1 Snack Bag Mini Pretzels
1 Small Bag Mega Chocolate Coated Candies
8 Vanilla Wafers
16 Mini Marshmallows
1 Tube Chocolate Decorating Cookie Icing


1. Unwrap Fudge Rounds.
2. Count 16 mini pretzels, set aside. Count 8 mega size chocolate candies, set aside.
3. Flatten mini marshmallows.
4. Frost vanilla wafers onto Fudge Rounds where moose muzzles would go.
5. Frost mega size chocolate candies onto vanilla wafer where noses would go.
6. Frost mini marshmallows onto Fudge Rounds where eyes would go. Dot with chocolate frosting for the pupils.
7. Place pretzels into creme filling of the Fudge Rounds where antlers would go.
8. Wait for frosting to set before serving.

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