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Festive Christmas Train

Makes 12 Servings


8 Frosted Fudge Cakes
4 Nutty Bars® Wafer Bars
2 Devil Squares® Cakes
2 Swiss Rolls
1 Tube Chocolate Decorating Cookie Icing
Assorted Holiday Candies for Train Wheels, Smoke Stack and Cargo


1. Unwrap all cakes and snack bars.
2. Frost two Nutty Bars® together along long sides, set on serving platter and frost the top. Frost two more Nutty Bars® together along long sides. Place on top of bars already on platter.
3. Frost Swiss Rolls on top front of Nutty Bars®. Frost Devil Squares® together, then frost onto back end of Nutty Bars®.
4. Add candies onto train engine to form smoke stack, front grate and wheels using frosting to hold in place.
5. Frost two Frosted Fudge cakes together to form one train car. Set on platter. Continue frosting cakes together to form three more train cars.
6. Decorate train cars with candies for wheels and cargo.

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