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Friendly Owl Marshmallow Pie Pops

Makes 16 Servings

8 Chocolate Flavored Marshmallow Pies
8 Banana Flavored Marshmallow Pies
1 Tube Vanilla Frosting
1 Bag Mini Chocolate Coated Candies
16 Cake Pop Sticks
16 Full Size Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
32 Mini Vanilla Sandwich Cookies
(Optional) Construction Paper for Wings


1. Unwrap Marshmallow Pies, and skewer with cake pop sticks.
2. Separate sandwich cookies; remove layer of creme and save for later. Cut 16 mini cookies in half for owls’ eyebrows.
3. Use frosting to adhere cookies onto Marshmallow Pies where eyes should go; frost into place half mini cookies for eyebrows; add frosting feather accents as shown in photo.
4. Cut orange candies in half for owls’ beaks. Adhere beaks between eyes with frosting.
5. Use saved creme from sandwich cookies as the whites of owls’ eyes and top each with mini chocolate candies for pupils.
6. Cut wing shapes out of construction paper, if desired. Frost onto backs of owls so your treats have more character.

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