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Chocolate Snack Pies

Chocolate pudding baked inside a buttery crust and covered in a sweet glaze.

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 family pack

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Origin of an Ingredient

The rare Criollo, the robust Forastero and the hybrid Trinitario round out the flavorful varieties of cocoa found in the world today. Although each has distinctive characteristics, cocoa in general, is consistently named as a top flavor around the globe! Harvested from the Theobroma tree, cocao creations have captivated tasters for centuries.

Grown on farms found in tropical regions surrounding the equator and blended to create a distinctive flavor profile, Little Debbie signature cocoa mix comes from a proprietary fusion of African and South American beans.

Triggering reactions in your brain that produce endorphins, chocolate treats are proven to play a role in the reduction of anxiety and stress, encouraging an overall feeling of well-being.

With 70 percent of your sensory experience centered in your nose, inhaling the fragrance alone can spark feelings of celebration and happiness.

Labeled a superfood in its rawest cacao form, cocoa powder also teems with antioxidants that support a healthy heart, blood pressure, skin and more.


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